Vendor Partnerships


Vendor Partnerships

At LIVWELL Organic Market we not only evaluate the quality of products but also the core values of the companies producing their products.  We prioritize relationships with local vendors first.  These partnerships strengthen our community and fundamentally have positive impacts on our planet.  We also prefer to cultivate relationships with farmers and companies that support local businesses, adhere to sustainable production, and have an overall emphasis on the health and wellness of the consumer.

If you are a farmer or producer and you have a product that you feel would be a good fit, we look forward to learning more about your company and your products.  We always welcome new products and use careful consideration when choosing to put a product on our shelves.  Kindly review the information below before submitting your information.

  • Please review our quality standards. Our quality standards evolve as new science and studies become available. We reserve the right to decline any product for problematic ingredients not in our standards.
  • If your product is not certified organic (if applicable), and your ingredients include corn, canola, soy, beet sugar, etc., we will ask about a non-GMO certification because these crops are often genetically modified.
  • We have a 100% return policy for our customers, and it is necessary to have the same from our vendors. Failure to provide a 100% customer return policy may result in us declining your product.

If your products align with our standards, we invite you to submit your product through the link provided.  Please note, we only review new products once a month so it could take a few weeks to provide a response to your submission.

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