Problematic ingredients


Problematic ingredients

Most disease in our modern world can be rooted to our toxic load.  One modality of toxic load is the build-up of toxins and heavy metals in our bodies.  If we want to increase lifespan and health-span, we must reduce our toxic loads.  There are thousands of synthetic chemicals and additives that are allowed to be added to our food, supplements, body care products, and household products. At LIVWELL Organic Market, we screen all our products to ensure these problematic ingredients do not make it to our shelves.

This list contains the most problematic ingredients that are most prevalent in food, supplements, body care products, and household products.  This list is always evolving as new research is obtained.  If an ingredient is found to be problematic whether listed herein or not, you most likely will not find that ingredient on our shelves.

Body Care


Aluminum-based Compounds

Boric Acid and Sodium Borate




Sunscreen Chemicals

Lead and Lead Acetate



Pet Products